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If money wasn’t important, what life would you like to live? Do you have an answer to this question? Do you know who you are without that lousy job that is consuming all of your time? If the answer is no, you are not the only one. More and more people start to realize they are not happy with the way the life they are living. They often wonder to themself, is this it? Is this what I am going to be doing for the rest of my life?

Most of the time you realize you are unhappy, but you keep yourself away from any change that you might be able to make. Maybe you don’t know exactly where to start or have no idea what you it is that you would want to change. We say to ourself: “When this … (fill in the blanks for you) finally happens, then I can start being happy.” In the mean time we forget that we live today. We are alive today. And who knows what tomorrow is going to bring you. But what is the reason for you to be happy today?


About Quirine

Quirine Franken


My name is Quirine and I help people to manifest the lives they desire. I support people in going after their dreams wether this is a new job, loosing weight, living more healthy and natural or simply to be happy. To me it has always been clear that I was not ment to live in the normal 9-5 world of working. I choose a life that is more connected with nature and being able to plan my own days. 

When you know where you are going, it is so much easier to get there. When you learn how to manifest, things will start to change if your life. That is what they did for me and for already so many others. I dared to follow my dreams and now I live this completly different lifestyle. 

To me, it was never about living in a big house or traveling all over the world in a plane. It is about getting back to our more natural state as a human being and challenge ourself to break free from the world of screens. I hope I may inspire you on all of your dreams. 

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