Your horse is in your life for a reason. He is here to teach you something and help you on your journey, whether it is for a long or just a short while. If you recognise yourself in this, you have come to the right website. Because this is my biggest believe and that is what I build my business around.

Horses are these special spiritual animals. They mirror their owners, even in if we as humans are not willing to see this. Don’t worry, I have been like that for a long time. But during the healing sessions I give to horses, I noticed that most often the horse is not the problem. The owner on the other hand is. Still, don’t worry, you are not wrong in your ways. It is just a given that the world around us reflects what is going on inside us. What bridges are we not willing to cross? What things are we not willing to see or do to go next level in our lives? A horse can reflect all of this. That is why they are so frequently used in coaching these days. Your horse is not an exception to this rule. He is simply your mirror image.

"If your horse is your mirror image, would you still like what you see?"

Think back about all the things that are always going wrong in the relationship between you and your horse. Maybe you have a catching problem? Or you are terrified to take your horse on a ride outside the protected area. These problems are here for a reason. They are meant to challenge you so you can improve yourself and rise to the next level op being you.



Quirine Franken

Access Consciousness® Bars practitioner

Natural horse trainer

Power of manifesting

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