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10 Reason to no longer postpone your business

Start a business
Posted by Quirine Franken

You have this dream. You want to make a change on this earth, but you have no idea where to start. Someday you would like to start your business. Someday you would like to do a job you would actually like to do. Someday you would like to have more money. Someday you would like to have more freedom to live the life you would like to have. Be honest with yourself. How many times have you thought of this? And how many times have you never taken any action? Believe me, I have been there so I know what you are going through. Until the day I finally realized there was no more point in waiting. What is possible beyond your biggest imagination?

I don’t know what I would like to do

If this is your point of view, I have one simple answer for you. Just start doing it. Just something. Take some steps and see where they lead you. I had no idea’s where all the steps I took would take me. And that is alright. As you grow, your business grows. I don’t mean that when you start out with one thing, you have to stick to it through the end of time. Simply ask yourself what you would like to spend your time doing right now. And learn more about the possibilities to make money out of that.

I don’t have money

Money has often been used as a reason not to choose something. And again, I have been there big time. But it does not have to be the reason for you not to start out with something. On the contrary, when you start a business from something you love doing you will soon find out that there are plenty of ways for you to start out with only a little money. Changing your money mindset can help you here as well. Or read the book Money isn’t the problem you are that has been of great contribution to me.

I don’t know how to do all the online stuff

Starting a business can be overwhelming at some times, I agree. Especially when you are first starting out. There always seem to be a thousand things to do to get everything going. And creating stuff online is often a big part of it for online and offline businesses. That is where a Virtual Assistant can come in handy. They know a lot more about these things than you do, so hiring them can save you a lot of time. Lucky for you, I am a Virtual Assistant that likes to design websites and do social media. Learn how we can work together.

I don’t know where to start

Good news on you. You have already started. Just by choosing to read this blog you are already one step closer to your own money-making business. Overcoming the obstacles that are holding you back, might be one of the most important things to start with. The trick after this is to keep choosing. What step can I take today that is going to get my closer to where I would like to be?

I can’t do this next to a fulltime job

Already having a fulltime job doesn’t have to be an obstacle if you don’t choose it to be. Not if your business is something you really would like to have. Start by spending half an hour till an hour a day working at your business. You can get more into the feel of things and learn about it all at your own pace.

I can’t sell

Selling is something every entrepreneur has to learn. There are plenty of courses you can take. And I always found that when you do something you are passionate about, the selling comes naturally. Simply because you love to talk about what you like to do, people get enthusiastic as well.

There is nothing I am truly good at.

As a creative person, you might find there are plenty of things you would like to do more of. The trick is to start out with something that you would really like to grow in at this point. And then invest time and/or money in yourself to get better at it. Don’t make the mistake that you have to be perfect at something to sell your services. You get better at it once you do the actual job. Finding out more about you can be a big help too. Being you changing the world was a book that guided me towards being more of me.

Other people say I can’t do it

When none of your friends and family is an entrepreneur, you might feel a bit alone on your journey. You as a creative person knows that having your own business can lead to a different reality that you could never create while working 9 to 5 in an office. I can bring you so many great opportunities and more happiness along the way. Don’t let others hold you back to do something you really like to do.

I don’t have the time

Starting up a business takes some effort of you, but it can all pay you back later. If you never start out, it can never happen for you. Take actions that you know can be a contribution. You can always hire a VA (Virtual Assistant) like me to get you going more easily, but there is always effort you have to do yourself. It is your business after all.

I don’t know how to be a business owner

 While your business grows, you as a person and entrepreneur grow. Also, your skills and devotion will improve. If you would like more help at this front, there are plenty of (online) courses you can take.

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