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Access Consciousness® and horses

Access horse
Posted by Quirine Franken

Horses are creatures that are very aware of what is going on around them. They talk to us in energies and try to show us in a wat that we don’t really understand. What often happens, we blame the horse for not listening to us. What if it is actually the other way around? Are we willing to listen to the horse?

Like we humans talk with words, horses talk and see energies. They are so far more aware then we can see. When things aren’t working out between you and your horse, what is it trying to tell you? Not a lot of people are really willing to listen to what the horse has to say. Though it is something we are all capable of.

To become a better team player with your horse, are you now willing to dig deeper into yourself?

Are you willing to receive what your horse is really trying to tell you?

The tools of Access Consciousness® can help you with this.

What if nothing about you and your horse was wrong? What if it was all just an interesting point of view? What is possible to create then?

I like to help a lot of equestrians to become a better team with their horses. Are you interested in horse and rider coaching? Take a look at this page.

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