• asking questions

    The power of asking a question

    How many times did you jump to a conclusion? How many times did you decide that you hate to go to work or that you never receive enough money? Probably plenty of times, just like we all have. Did you also know that holding this conclusion solid in its place, denies you to receive more from whatever the Universe is willing to give you? Including the things that you thought you were asking for. As long as your questions are based on a solid belief, even one that is buried somewhere very far away, you are not allowing yourself to fully receive all the possibilities that are actually out there.…

  • light or heavy

    Energy talks: Is this light or heavy?

    Everything in this world is an energy. You are an energy. Maybe you even communicate in energy. Have you already acknowledged that this is your ability? What would happen if you would choose this? Creating with energies can be really fun and even life-changing. But when you first start to be conscious of this way of creating, you need the right tools to understand the answers that are being given to you. One of the easiest tools to start with is by asking is this light or heavy? When the answer is light to you, it is the right thing to do or be for you at that time. The…

  • Connect with body

    How to connect with your body

    Our bodies are very capable of telling us things. The problem is that we don’t actually listen to them. Because in contradiction to what many of us believe, we are not our bodies. We are beings that have a body in this reality. When you feel pain, tiredness, depression etc. it never means what you think it means. It is your body giving you information that something is going on that you are not willing to receive. Most of us are afraid of having these sensations, that is why we shut them out and try to ignore them. But what could happen if instead of ignoring it, you would ask…