• Personal growth

    Loving who you are just in this moment

    Loving yourself doesn’t always come as easy as we plan too. It actually is something that we should all feel for ourselves, But so often we don’t.Why can’t we be happy with the person that we are today?Why does it always have to be more? This is exactly where we differ from horses. Horses don’t care about who they become tomorrow. They know that today, at this moment, they are exactly where they need to be.I can only wish I could feel this peaceful.Knowing that you are at the right spot in the right place, all the time.Even when things don’t make sense to you. We are the captains of…

  • empowerment through horses

    Why our horses are the best teachers we will ever have

    I simply love horses. It has always been that way and it probably always will be. Of course, you would say. Why else would you start a business that is focussed on horses? Looking back over the years each and every one of my horses has taught me something. Some have been with me for a very short period of time and others a lifetime. That is simply the way life goes. It works the same with humans. Think back to a horse that has made such an impression on you that you will never forget him or her, even though you have only seen him once (maybe a little…