Money mindset

10 Tips to change your money mindset

Money mindset
Posted by Quirine Franken

Money. It is something we have to live within our reality. Sometimes we love it and other times we hate it. At least, that about sums up my relationship with money.  As someone who rather spends her time in nature, money has never truly been my friend. Up to a point where I learned that you create everything you want in your life by the points of view that you have. That is when I knew I had to change money mindset.

Money was no longer a vicious tool that is been used by this reality. It started to change into how I see it now. Money is a way to nurture our bodies. It is a reflection of how much we are willing to receive. And I can tell you all, that wasn’t a lot. When I started to read Money is not the problem, you are by Gary Douglas things started to shift fast.

Things only started to change when I was willing to change my money mindset and  let go of the things that were holding me back. I would like to share some of these tips with you guys. They might be different from others you have read so far, but I promise you, these work. And once you are willing to walk this path of conscious money-making, other possibilities will open up for you. How does it get better than that?

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Be aware of what goes in and out

The best way of changing you money mindset, is to stop avoiding it. Knowing exactly where and how you spend your money can make a big difference. Try keeping a simple money dairy for the next three months. Keep track on paper, a special journal or an app on your phone. Whatever works for you. Write down everything that you spend, even the most smallest amount. And also keep track of what comes in. Know that there is no right or wrong here. It is just about being aware of your expenditures.

Know what you are asking for

This one is actually a perfect runner up to the one topic before. Know how much money you are asking for. This can be an amount that you would like to have and create. An amount that would give you the life your are asking for and would make you happy. Calculate what a life that you would be happy with, would actually cost.

Love and honour you and your body helps change money mindset

Know that in this reality, money is something we would like to have for our bodies. And if you do not love or even like your body, you probably won’t have a lot of money. This might seem a bit strange to some of you, but this is actually one of the dealbreakers for me that gave me a turning point in my relationship with money. Now I just want to please my body with the clothes it wants to wear and the things it would like to do. The book Right Body for you made all the difference for me in this process. Maybe it can be a contribution to you as well.

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Pay your bills in time

A way to a better relationship with money is paying your bills in time. Don’t leave them lying around until they have reached their final due date. And yes, I am guilty of doing this as well. That is why I know it never works out well. By leaving them lying around the form a actual mess in your head. You keep thinking about it and how you might not be able to pay for it all. Guess what, that is the message you are sending to the universe and that is what you are going to get.

Carry cash in your wallet

Another great change maker. Carrying around cash is something  only little of us still do since we are all digital payers. But the cash money you are carrying is not for spending. It is for you to have the sense of having money. You can feel the energy of money and it actually provides me with a feeling of safety knowing that I at least have some money in my pocket. What amount would feel right for you to carry around?

Learn about money

Educate yourself about money when you wish to have a better money mindset. By learning more about it, the money will become less scary to deal with. It will be a part of your life. And the more you understand about it, the easier it will be for to create it in your life. To understand better what money is, I recommend the How to become money workbook.

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Be willing to have  money

Why would you not be willing to have money? Is a question some of you might ask. But knowing that you create from your point of view, would you not have money if you were truly willing to have it? Do yourself a favour and stop lying to yourself. Only by realizing that you are actually not willing to have is at all, is the first step to a better money mindset.  Having trouble with this, maybe these tools can help you.

Make money with something that brings you joy

Money follows joy. It doesn’t like to be created out of fear or out of lack. So choose something that really makes you happy to do. The possibilities are endless. And start searching for ways on how to make money on them. I am not telling you to quit your job and run off to a long sunny vacation, but he if that feels light to you. Who knows what I can create. If you don’t have anything that you would like to do start soul searching and try out some new stuff. Getting out of debt joyfully is a great book to help you become more at ease with money.

Ask more questions for when you change money mindset

Have you ever noticed that when you jump to a conclusion, things stop showing up in your life? That is because your thought, feelings and emotions create your reality. By getting into a conclusion you are actually limiting the infinite possibilities in which money can show up. I actually like to ask a question, like: “How does it get better than this?” You can use it when things are bad or when things are already great. Don’t be afraid to always ask for more possibilities. If you are willing to receive, the universe will provide.  For more questions to ask, check out this article about the right questions to ask when it comes to money.

Take action

When you see or think of something that can bring your money, act on it. The longer you wait, the more you tell the universe that you are actually not willing to have it. This also counts on all things concerning money. Deal with bills and writing in your journal as soon as you can. Money can be fun if you let it to be.

Start a 10% account

This is the one that actually blows my mind. Putting 10% aside just for you. Not to use it on a rainy day or to save for that sports car you would like to buy one day. This money is just for you. It teaches you to have money and to have ease with it. Even when you don’t think you can spare this amount of money, I highly recommend you to do it. This was the things that made big shifts in my money mindset happen. If you would like to know more about the 10% account or simply learn more about money, the book Money isn’t the problem you are can be a great contribution.

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