Quirine Franken access bars

Are you looking for an opportunity to become a Bars® practitioner yourself? Maybe you have a business that Access Bar® can contribute to. Or maybe you would just like to choose it for you. Either way, taking a bars class is the first step into opening up to a world full of possibilities. Would you like to choose it? If you are not familiar with Access bars® click here to find out more.

After just one single day you become an official Access Bar® practitioner. During the day you will receive two sessions and you will gift two session. The Bars manual is there for you to take home. It contains all the information about the 32 bars points and additional information. 

An Access bars class can also be taken by childeren. Up untill the age of 16 they go for half price, because they are such a contribution to this world. 

Dates, prices and possibilities

For the most recent update on classes, swaps and other courses you can check the events or my facebook page

Are you searching for a bars class, but you have trouble finding one that works for you? Why not host your own event? Quirine is happy to come on location in Europe. Contact us to find out what is possible. info@quirinefranken.com

Prices Access Bars class

Prices are set by Access Consciousness ®

Adult, first time     € 300,-

Adult, repeat class     € 150,-

Childeren under 16 years      FREE

Childeren between 16 and 18 years     € 150,-