Eco-friendly father's day gifts

Eco-friendly Father’s day gifts

It is that time of the year again to let your father know that you love him. How do you let him know that he is someone special? By giving him eco-friendly father’s day gifts this year. And not just any gift. Something that is sustainable and that he can use for real. That is why I wanted to provide you with some good idea’s to gift your father.

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Stainless steel tumbler

Does your dad like his coffee? If he hasn’t got a reusable coffee cup, now is the perfect time to gift him one. This Stainless steel tumbler is perfect to take with him on the road. They keep drinks warm up to 24 hours and cool for 36! A most amazing thing to take with you. And think of all the single-use coffee cups it can save. These tumblers come in multiple colours and you can even get your own message engraved in them. What better way is there to have your father think about you all the time.

eco friendly father's day gifts

Vegan men’s wallet

No more use for animal cruelty with this vegan men’s wallet made out of cork. Very stylish with plenty of space for your father’s cash and cards. Cork is a natural product so very eco-friendly. It comes from the outside of trees and is FSH approved. Even tree-friendly these wallets. They come in multiple colours for you to choose from.

eco friendly father's day gifts

Razor with bamboo handle

Talking about everyday needs for men. This eco razor with bamboo handle is definitely something your father can keep using. That is why it can make a perfect father’s day present. The razor is designed for long time use. No need to buy any throwaway plastic razors any more. It is easy to handle and can be used for multiple functions. And if there might be any problems in the future, it can be returned without any problems.

Eco-friendly fater's day gifts

Cell phone watch holder made of wood

A very nice item to place next to your desktop or even on the nightstand. This cell phone watch holder is made out of wood (walnut) without the use of any harmful materials. For eco-friendly father’s day gifts a perfect qualification. A good option to help your dad get a little bit more organized through daily life. There is even space for his wallet, glasses, earplugs etc. Even a great stand to hold a tablet.

eco-friendly fathers day gifts

Book about self-sustainable

If your father is really interested in living outdoors and more sustainable, this book about self-sustainable lifestyle might be a great present for him. It is a book by National Geographic with a lot of tips, recipes, DIY and crafts that can make you more self-reliant. So if your father is the one that likes to go camping and dreams about being totally off the grid, this can be the way to go on this Father’s day.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

Sunglasses as Eco-friendly father’s day gifts

Great looking sunglasses are always a recommendation for everyone. Use them in the car or while spending time outside in the garden or going on hikes. These wooden framed sunglasses are good to wear everywhere. They are handcrafted which makes each of them special. You can choose from multiple colour glasses and frames. A perfect fit for almost every dad.

Eco-friendly fathers day gifts

Zero waste self-care kit

If you would like to gift your father something in the direction of self-care product, go zero waste. That can be a very good opportunity for him to learn about reducing waste. You can go in different directions here. Option one is buying him a zero-waste starter kit. On this page, I cover multiple starter kits. The other option is to buy some loose products and make a nice basket of it yourself. Great products to put in would be a shampoo and shaving bar, cotton swabs, bamboo toothbrushes, soap bar and dental tabs.

Eco-friendly cork belt

A belt is probably one of the most worn items by men. So why not choose the vegan option here. Especially because this eco-friendly belt is made out of cork. Completely durable with a two years warranty provided by the makers. Whether you have a father that needs a belt to wear at the office or just his daily clothing, this gift is a definite all-rounder. It comes in a paper box wrapping.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

Deodorant with compostable wrapping

Have your father replace his old deodorant by making an extra step going zero waste. A deodorant with compostable wrapping can never be received wrongly. You can even choose between coconut-vanilla of lavender. No more nasty things like alcohol, parabens and other toxins. This deodorant is all-natural and still makes sure you smell right. In this package, you’ll even find a bigger and smaller size. While the bigger one is good for uses at home, the smaller one can easily be brought on travels and the gym. With just one stick, your dad can smell nice for at least the next four months.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

Leakproof lunch boxes

One of my personal favourites, especially when you have a dad that likes to go outdoors for the day or simply take them to work. Leakproof stainless steel lunch boxes are a definite investment for a long time of your life. Think of all the plastic wrappers you can save with these beauties. And they contain no toxins like BPA. The set I picked out for you contains three boxes of different sizes. So even when you would like to take sandwiches in one and a salad in the other one, you are good to go.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

Zero waste gift package

If you are looking for more of a gift package, this might be an ideal present for you. Wrapped in a compostable box but still looking like a nice present. The gift box is designed for men regardless of whether they are zero wasters or not. So perfect for the father’s (like my own) who find reducing waste a bit weird. With soap, deodorant and cologne it seems like just any other gift box, but so much better for our beautiful planet. And it might even show your father zero waste does not have to be strange at all.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

The must-have water bottle

If your father does not have a sustainable water bottle, get him one of these. The best quality of stainless steel that can keep him going for years to come. Personally, I take my bottle with me where ever I go. I love to have water with me all the time. And if you really want to make it the perfect gift for him to use, buy him these drinking caps to go along. Makes using them so much easier.

Eco-friendly father's day gifts

If you would like to know more about going zero waste, check out this blog. It had plenty of useful tips for you to start with. And another waste reducer is the wrapping paper you can use for your eco-friendly father’s day gifts. You do not want to choose single-use wrapping paper. Just use and old newspaper or magazine pages. Unwrapping it will be just as fun.

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Eco-friendly father's day gifts

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