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Energy talks: Is this light or heavy?

light or heavy
Posted by Quirine Franken

Everything in this world is an energy. You are an energy. Maybe you even communicate in energy. Have you already acknowledged that this is your ability? What would happen if you would choose this?

Creating with energies can be really fun and even life-changing. But when you first start to be conscious of this way of creating, you need the right tools to understand the answers that are being given to you.

One of the easiest tools to start with is by asking is this light or heavy?

When the answer is light to you, it is the right thing to do or be for you at that time. The question you ask can give you a light feeling like an answer. Than the question you asked us true for you at this time.

When the answer feels heavy, it is not right for you at that time. It often is an energy that belongs to someone else. You as a conscious being can pick up a lot of energies from others. Then you make them your own, but they are not true for you. You are living someone else’s point of view. Al it needs is your awareness that this doesn’t belong you.

Things that can also feel really heavy to us are points of view that we bought from others. Like as a child, how often did you hear that money doesn’t grow on trees? Or that you are not allowed to be different from the other kids because then you would be able to function in this world. Are these light or heavy to you?

Where did you buy points of views from others that aren’t actually true for you that you haven’t acknowledged yet, that if you would acknowledge them if would change your entire reality?

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