Horse & Mind online program

Your horse is in your life for a special reason. It is here to teach you a lesson and it is up to you to figure out what this lesson is. When you try to avoid the problem in stead of dealing with it, the problem doesn’t go away. It keeps coming back until you dare to deal with it.


Your horse is special for a reason and not just because it is your horse. It is your friend and buddy that is willing to help you along side the road that we would call life. While doing my healing work, I often found that the horse was receiving the treatment, but they weren’t really the problem. A lot of things that I found on the horse, were reflecting back to the owners. And I so notice the truth of this while working with my own horses. I might not always like it, blame them on many occasions (mostly when I am not willing to receive it) or simply ignore it. There are a lot of things you can try to change, but the fact remains that nothing is truly going to change unless you are willing to dig a little deeper into your own soul.



“Everything in your life is you pushed out.” 
-Neville Goddard-


“That also means yours horse.”

For who is this program?

This program is for everyone who truly wants to improve the relationship between her and her horse. Whether you are young or back in your nineties, if you only have a horse to take care of or if you have a whole bunch of them.  If you keep experiencing the seem problems with your horse over and over again, then this program is right for you.

Why should I take this online program?

This program can be lifechanging when you are willing to really go for it. It can change the relationship between you are your horse completely. You will find that you are getting closer to getting to where you want to be with your horse. This theory isn’t only assessable when you work with horses, but also in the rest of you live.

"Looking at your life through the eyes of your horse."

What is inlcuded in the Horse & Mind online progam?

-One lesson a week on the online acadamy

-Private feedback on your assignments

-Video and online workbook

-Lifetime acces to this program and it’s updates

Bonus: A online reading of your horse

Quirine Franken

About Quirine

Working with horses has always been Quirine’s biggest passion. While training them and giving riding lessons to kids, she discovered that only training them wasn’t enough. She then started to learn more about her gift for healing. It brought her some deep insides and let her to a path that she wasn’t able to understand at that time. Only when Quirine was willing to really deal with her physical health and depression, things started to change and open up to her. Adding mindset and training to her life and knowing that everything is connected, made all the difference.

Because of her health she became really scared to ride. It held her back in everything that she was willing to do. Digging to what was really going on underneath it makes that she is riding the same horse on a rope halter and they are training for the neck rope.

“Our relationship has changed, my life has changed. So now I am not only a energetic healer, but also experienced in mindset and working with the Law of attraction. My mission is to help others to get to a place where they can really enjoy their horse again.”

Quirine Franken




When this program is not for you

-When you are not willing to put in the effort
-When you do not have the time to spend one or two hours a week more on yourself and your horse
-When you are not willing to move forward in your life
-When you are not willing to make changes
-When you are not willing to learn more about your horse


  • Horse & Mind online program a.v.o. €499,-
  • Weekly personal feedback a.v.o. € 249,-
  • BONUS: A online reading of your horse a.v.o. €75,-
  • Total: € 823,-

 You will receive feedback when you have questions that are going to take you and your horse to the next level. It means a solid program that is going to make a difference in the live of you and your horse when you are willing to go for it. This program helps you to set your goals a teaches you how you can deal with blockages, while you chase after the dream partnership between you and your horse.  

Pricing now: €297,- starting January 2020

Don’t wait too lang before you enter. There is only room for 10 people in this program. Don’t miss out and sign up today!

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