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How to connect with your body

Connect with body
Posted by Quirine Franken

Our bodies are very capable of telling us things. The problem is that we don’t actually listen to them. Because in contradiction to what many of us believe, we are not our bodies. We are beings that have a body in this reality.

When you feel pain, tiredness, depression etc. it never means what you think it means. It is your body giving you information that something is going on that you are not willing to receive.

Most of us are afraid of having these sensations, that is why we shut them out and try to ignore them. But what could happen if instead of ignoring it, you would ask a question?

Your body is an energy at itself. That means that you can ask questions to it to find out what is really going on.

When you ask questions to your body, you’ll receive an answer. This answer is mostly giving to you in energy. The best way to find out what your body is telling you is knowing if it is light or heavy. Want to know more bout this? Read this blog about light or heavy.

What question can you ask your body?

  • Body, is this awareness coming up?
  • Body, is this true for me?
  • Body, what do you need me to be, do or add that is going to change this with all ease?
  • Body, is this change that I haven’t acknowledged yet?
  • What can I do, be or add to my life to have more ease with this change?
  • What can I be for my body that will give me more ease, joy and glory in my life?

Just start playing in asking questions to your body and see what comes up for you. Believe in your own knowing. What could it create if you and your body would have a loving relationship?

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