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How to deal with money conclusions: Ask a question

For those of you who already know me, I just love conscious creating in this world. And money is a big part of it. Since I started seeing it as simply a tool to take care of my body, my whole reality started shifting. Working on your money mindset is very important when you would like to have more money. And if you think that this just works for some of us, then guess again.

The first step to changing your money mindset is knowing there is enough. Stop functioning from the lack of it. Would you be willing to do whatever it takes to create money with more ease in your life? When I first heard about this, I thought it mend you di not have to work for it. So I did not understand how it would work for a long time. A lot of people make it seems so easy. Like they can lie in the sun all day while their website can do all the work for them. This can turn into your reality, but know that these people had to work their buts off to get into the place that they are at now. Nothing gets done without taking the right actions. That is how this reality works.

What if you could simply create money doing what you love? What would be possible then? If you were actually doing something that you love, making money won’t feel like a punishment anymore. Getting out of conclusion about everything that money is and what you have to do to get it, can help you here. Let me tell you, I had so many points of view about this lovely subject it took me a while to really change my mindset. Want to know how I did it? Check out How to change your money mindset.  If you are willing to really start to look at money from a totally different perspective, be sure to check out How to become money workbook. This is simply amazing. I still read it over and over again.

One of the best tools to get out of your conclusions about money is by asking more questions. Have you ever noticed that when you just decide upon something that it just seems to be stuck? That is because it is. Your conclusion made it so. And now it has become that stuck reality in your wold and you have no way of changing it.

Now try this: Whenever you feel like jumping into a conclusion you can simply become aware of what you did. Now ask a question instead of choosing that conclusion. How does it get better than this?

Did this make you feel lighter? I so, please keep reading, because I am about to share with you some more crazy-ass questions that you can use to change your point of view about money.

How does it get better than this?

My absolute favourite if you had not already heard it. That is because you can ask this question at any time, at any moment. If things feel bad to you, you can ask this question and the universe can show you how to make it better. When you receive something great, like a sum of money that you had not expected, ask this question again. Don’t be afraid to ask for more. Be willing to receive more so money can come.

What else is possible?

Also, another great question to ask and to use it in any type of situation. By asking this question you ask the universe to contribute to you more ideas. If you are sitting in a situation that you don’t like, what else is possible can show you a different reality for you to choose. When you have greater things coming to your life, it can also show you more of this.

What would it take to have this amount of money show up to me in tenfold?

This is a question you can ask yourself when you spend money. And if you are anything like me, you don’t like spending money. Simply because you believe that there is not enough to go around. Now, instead of choosing to feel panicky because you have to spend money, simply ask this question. Maybe it can even open up more space than you have ever imagined before. And be honest with yourself, would you not like to spend money if you were sure it would show up in a ten times greater amount?

Try asking these questions for a while and see what spaces can open up for you in your life. Be also sure to check out How to become money workbook, because it is so awesome. Don’t be offended if these questions don’t work right away. Sometimes the universe just needs a little more time to really settle you into a new situation. Just go by your gut feeling and know if these questions can be of some contribution to you. 

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