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How to discover possibilities in your business

Business possibilities
Posted by Quirine Franken

We create our own realities upon our own beliefs. While trying to work to create with the Universe, you might notice some things do get actualized in your life and others do not. This is actually a much wider conversation than it might appear at first sight, but I am going to try to take you along this road. Personally, I love creating with the universe. There is such an ease in getting things done this way. It takes you away from all the things that you think are possible. Some things can work out in a different way than you first had imagined them to be and that is exactly where a lot of people go: “It did not work for me!” While in fact, things showed up a different way, or something had to change before it is the right time for it to appear in your life.

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Manifesting or actualizing?

Firstly, I would like to talk with you about the word manifestation. You see it being (ab)used by a lot of spiritual entrepreneur and inspirers. Only very few people seem to know what the word manifesting really means and that is asking for things to show up in your life. In my opinion, you can ask for everything you desire to come into your life, but if you do not find a way to actualize it, it is never going to be there. Like you can ask to be a famous author. You can sit around and wait until the universe is going to serve this to you on a platter (which might never happen in this case) or you can take the time and start writing your first novel. That is why I prefer to use the word actualizing.

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Interesting point of view

The reason why a lot of the things do not work out is that we let out minds get involved. We ask for something to happen and then we start to think of all the reasons why this can never happen. Sounds familiar? By doing this we prevent the Universe from gifting us the right path to actualize things. The tools that work wonderfully with this is being an interesting point of view. When you do not have an opinion about in what way things should work out, you can allow possibilities greater than your our imagination come into your life. How does it get better than that?

Creating your life

So what do you do when we would like something to appear in your life? Let’s say you would like to make a living fully from your business so you can leave your daytime job behind. You can start by asking: What would it take to have this show up into my life with greater ease than I had thought was possible? You do not have to have an answer here right away. Just perceive the energy of it. Then you go: Interesting point of view, that I have that point of view. You can repeat this as often as you like. What is does is showing you all the fixed points of view you have that keep you from this showing up in your life. If you choose, you can use the Access Clearing Statement® on them.

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