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Zero-waste living: How to start today?

You would like to start zero-waste living? Good on you because you are off to a good start. Learning more about going zero waste is probably the best way to start. There are so many things that can be changed and for a lot of them are fairly good replacements that are easy to find. Your producing less waste adventure is not something you have completed in a day.

It also is not something you can do perfectly all the time. Sometimes you need to pick the best option. And that is oké because if a lot of people start doing zero waste imperfectly it is way more effective than only a few doing it perfectly.

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Zero waste living: Go to your local stores

It is probably not news to you that the most plastic you bring home has something to do with your food. That is why this is the best place for you to start. I live in Europe and there are not a lot of supermarkets here where you can buy food without its multiple plastic wrapping. Although we are starting to see a change here. Yeah! That is why I buy my fruit, veggies, nuts and eggs at a local supermarket. No plastic wrappings to be found here.

My reusable produce bags made of cotton are coming in handy here. They are probably one of the most used items I have and if you are serious about going low waste, they are an absolute must-have. So check out where you can buy your food locally. Buy your bread at the baker and visit a local market to buy your cheese.

Start buying in bulk

Foods like grains, pasta, nuts, flour etc. can all be bought in larger packings. This saves a lot of plastic from being produced. And if you are lucky you might even find a place to buy your non-perishables in paper bags. All you need is al little space to store them. These reusable bulk bags can help you out here. You might ask in a local health-food store if they can arrange something for you. Otherwise, the internet might be your best friend.

Eat fewer animal products

You will soon find out that going low waste is not only a small change. It actually is an entire life make-over. There will be plenty of food that you can not buy anymore, simply because is always wrapped in plastic. Also, that roll of cookies goes out of the window. From now on it is home backed good you are eating. Products like meat, milk, cheese, butter etc. are practically not available if you choose to be zero waste. Or you would have to be really lucky to find a local farmer where you can bring your glass bottles.

Zero-waste living is also about choosing what is right for you

This is why I said that is not always a good solution for everything. If you really desire a glass of milk, but you would have to drive 20 miles in your car to get it without wrapping, the environment of way better off with you just grabbing a carton at your local store. Personally, I do never eat meat so I do not know a lot about this struggle. Maybe a local butcher can provide you here. Eating less of animal products is even better for your health, but that is an entirely different discussion for now.

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Things you replace regularly

When I first started to reduce my waste, I made a commitment that every item I had to buy from that point because we were all out, had to be in the best low waste wrapping possible. You can find a lot of these products in your bathroom. Like my new toothbrush was one made out of bamboo. Dental floss was replaced with its natural component, as were the cotton buds. Most of these items can be composted. Are you running out of body wash? That is when we time starts to have a soap bar. I noticed these are so much more gentle on your skin, so I use them for my body and to wash my hands. Also, make-up remover pads that you can wash and reuse can help you make your bathroom zero waste.

Are you looking for more tips to start zero-waste living in your bathroom? Check out this blog.

Take a food container to work for your zero-waste living

These little plastic bags that you used to put in your lunch are not done from now on. They are the hardest plastics to recycle and therefore they will live a lot longer than you. It is not worth it. There are so many food containers you can take. The ones of stainless steel are my absolute favourites. As we prefer to go on long hikes and campaign, they work perfectly for us for the lids are even non-leaking. Bit of an investment, but so worth it. As is a stainless steel water bottle. If you are still drinking from plastic bottles, now is the time to change it.

I hope these tips can be a contribution for you to start doing zero waste. Start exploring what works for you. Things keep evolving as you continue. Just keep it up! If you are excited and would like to start with a zero-waste starter package, check out this blog.

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