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Eco-friendly travel accessories list to buy for your trip

I simply love to travel. Especially I love camping. Totally off the grid with just nature all around me. This planet is also very important to me, therefore, I like to choose eco-friendly travel accessories. While travelling, it might sometimes seem hard to avoid all the plastic you see in supermarkets. Luckily some items can make your life a bit easier. But before we dive into the eco-friendly products, I would like to share with you some tips about choosing your travel accessories more careful.

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Choosing your Eco-friendly travel accessories with care

When I first started to explore ways to make my travelling more sustainable, I had never considered that getting responsible gear could be so hard. Outdoor gear should be made by people who love nature and therefore they should manufacture products that are a contribution to the planet and the people who make them. At least, that is my opinion. Luckily a lot of changing in this area, so in the future, it will be easier. What makes your eco-friendly travel product right for you?

1. What is this product made of? Is it free of toxic chemicals? Can you use it safely? Toxins like BPA should not be added to your plastics any more.
2. Does it help you leave single-use plastics? Single-use plastics should always be a no go. If you can avoid them you should do it.
3. How long can the product last? When you think of eco-friendly you think of long-term sustainable products. You do not want to buy something you can throw away after using it once. Therefore rather invest a little more in products that can last for a longer duration.

The recommended list of travel accessories for you to take on your journey

Having read the guidelines above, you know there is not always a perfect choice. Just choose the products of which you think are a contribution to your life and travelling. After all, you are also allowed some ease and fun on your journey.

A stainless steel water bottle

I have said it before and I probably will say it again. The Kanteen stainless steel drinking bottle is one of my favourite items. A must-have you can easily take on all of your travellings. As long as you are staying in countries that provide good drinking water from the tap, this bottle can save you a lot of single-use plastic. This steel is made of the highest quality and can be a contribution for a long time. If you desire to use this bottle longterm, make sure you are buying a drinking cap like this one. It makes using it a lot easier.

Eco-friendly travel Klean kanteen water bottle

Have an eco-friendly travel spork

It might be a very small item, but a very important one. That is to say if you go camping or taking your lunch to go. A spork made out of titanium is very lightweight and can replace single-use plastics any time. If I might give you a personal tip, buy two of them per person. They are not that expensive and can live for a long time with the right kind of use. You never know when it comes in handy to have a spare.

eco friendly travel

Stay clean without plastics

The use of shampoo bars is not only convenient when you are flying. I found these bars are much calmer to my skin, therefore I always use soap bars throughout the house and while travelling. This set provides you with shampoo and conditioner in solid form. Also, a solid soap bar for washing your hands and body comes in handy. And when you decide to travel with soap bars, you should consider adding soap saver bags to your shopping cart. They make using them a lot easier.

Eco-friendly travel soap

A reusable shopping bag to put in your pack

When do they not come in handy? A reusable shopping bag is something I always carry with me. You never know when they come in handy. When travelling from a backpack you might want to consider these shopping bags. They are lightweight and do not take a lot of space. The downside for me is that they are made out of nylon, but are very longlasting and strong. If you would like to use cotton and have a little more space, you might want to consider these bags.

eco-friendly travel

Take your eco-friendly travel lunch box on the go

If you like to take lunch with you while going on a long hike or strolling through the city, I would recommend taking a leakproof stainless steel lunchbox. Coming in handy for all types of snacks. Stainless steel is lightweight and very durable. You know for sure they are free from toxins. If you are a fan of warm lunches like soup in between, check these awesome lunch boxes out.

leakproof lunchbox

Drink water where ever you are

Whether you like to go hiking, backpacking, camping or just travel to countries which do not have the nicest tap water, a LifeStraw water bottle is your lifesaver. I use one of them while hiking so I do not have to store a lot of water in my pack. I can simply drink from any stream that I come across. Even the British tap water that has chlorine in it, tastes fresh using it.

lifestraw waterbottle

Zero waste dental care on the road

Not only while travelling, but also at home, use a bamboo toothbrush if you can. They are biodegradable and can save you lots of plastic toothbrushes. Make a complete set using zero waste dental tabs and zero waste dental floss. You can easily take these on the plane or if you are searching to go lightweight for a couple of days, simply take a couple of them in your bag.

dental tabs

Ordering your packing eco-friendly

For everyone who has travelled for a long time before you know that it can be very beneficial to have some kind of ordering system. These recycled packing cubes can be of a contribution here. They come in a four-pack so you can divide your T-shirts and underwear from each other. And once you have worn them, you can simply put them in the laundry bag to keep everything separated.

packing cubes

Take an eco-friendly travel mug

When you are often going out to get a coffee or tea on the go, an insulated travel mug might be an outcome here. I like my things being made out of a good quality of stainless steel and this travel mug is no exception. They might be a little bit more of an investment, but you can also use them for a very long time. At least, that is my experience.

Going green on your period

A waste of space and money is having to stack up on the right material to use for when your period comes. When you are travelling you might like to consider choosing reusable cloth pads or a menstruating cup. It can even save you money because these are a one-time investment. I was always worried about cleaning them, but I can tell you now that it is super easy. Even when you are on the road. If you are choosing the reusable cloth pads, I found it important for them to be made of organic cotton with no toxic dyes. Buy a wet bag along with them so you keep them in there until it is time to do the washing.

Reusable cloth pads

A take away washing machine

I was so excited about learning more about this item. A foldable laundry hamper that doubles as a washing machine. The perfect item to get your clothes washed anywhere you are in the world because all you need is a little water and soap. When weight is important to you like when travelling from a backpack, you could choose this lightweight model instead. It can fit in your backpack easily.

I hope this list makes eco-friendly travel a lot easier for you to do in the future. Happy sustainable travelling!

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