GRPD & Privacy Polacy

On this page you can find the Privacy Polacy of  Quirine Franken | This is a fairly simple statement on how we handle your peronal information. We always do our best to ensure your privacy and won’t share it without your permission. All of the details you can find below. 

For some purposes we collect your information on Quirine Franken. You can find more information below.

Sending newletters

Quirine Franken can send you newletters through e-mail. These newletters are partly commercial and partly directed to giving you more knowledge. Your first name and e-mailadres will be collected through the existing form for it on the website of Quirine Franken. Next to that, you can be asked verbal or in written word to join. 

Getting in touch

Your information will be collected when you reach out to Quirine Franken through our website. In this form will only be asked for the neccesary information to offer a proposal or a service, like your name, company name, e-mailadress, phonenumber and project discription. 


The website of Quirine Franken collects your personal information to improve our website. These are named coockies. This happens through Google Analytics. This information is anonymous and are not linked to your personal information. Examples are the time you spend watching a website or the page’s that your visit a lot. All information will only be proccesed with your own approval when it should be of importance to get you in touch with other potential relations. 


The only personal information that Quirine Franken receives and processes are managed by automatic mailsystems of Mailchimp and Active Campaign. When you agree to the terms of being on the news letter, your first name and e-mailadress will be remembered on the appointed list. 
Also, when you send an e-mail to Quirine Franken your e-mail will be stored on the servers of the hosting copmany Sohosted. 
When you make a purchase in the shop, we only ask for the information that is needed to be of the best service to you. The information will be stored at our online accountancy program. 

Storage period

Your information will be stored for as long:

We have a relationship with you as a customer, client or interested party
We are legally obliged to for tax purposes
Until you unsubscribe or ask us to delete your information

Access Consciousness – Only applicable IF you sign up and complete an Access Consciousness Course

In addition (1) Access Consciousness, LLC, 406 Present Street, Stafford, TX 77477, United States of America, (2) Access Consciousness International Limited, 6 Greenview, Riverway, South Douglas Rd., Cork T12 DCR 4, Ireland, and (3) Access Seminars Australia PTY LTD, 55 Lorikeet Drive, Peregian Beach, QLD 4573, Australia, all three parties to be referred to as “Access Consciousness” or the “Companies”, have access to your basic data (full name, e-mail address, mailing address, country and phone number) when you register for one of our Access Consciousness classes through our general website or through www.accessconsciousness.comThis applies to live (in-person) classes, telecalls and online courses, as well as classes offered live via audio and live-streamed classes.

Please note: Access Consciousness gains access only to your basic data when you sign up for one of the Access Consciousness classes or calls that I offer. Access Consciousness does not have access to your tax or VAT number.

Access Consciousness is a franchise system that uses a shared worldwide marketing tool via its website

Please note:
We do not share your data with facilitators with whom you have not taken a class.
Access Consciousness is bound by the same data protection agreement to which we adhere.


There will never be made any physical copiës of your personal information. Your information will only be managed in the above named systems and softwares. The personal information that is managed by Quirine Franken, Acces Consciousness or other named parties are all wel protected to make sure your information is save. 
The website is also protected with a SSL certificate. That means that your connection to this website is privat. You can recognise is through the green security lock in front of the URL,

Your rights as a customer:

-You are always allowed to view your personal information that we have collected of you. You can get an overview by sending an e-mail to
-You can always change your information when they are unjust or no longer fitting. At the bottom of every newletters you find the right URL to do this.
-You can always delete and unsubscribe at any time. To unsubscribe for the newletters you can click in the URL at the bottom of any e-mail. Otherwise you can contact us at and ask us to delete all of your personal information. 
-If you believe we abuse the use of your personal information, you can always make a complaint. 


Quirine Franken manages personal information in the grounds of a justified importance, namelijke a commercial importance. Think with this on offering our products and services at Quirine Franken through e-mail. Your information will never be sold to other parties. It will only be shared with Access Consciousness when you decide to follow and complete an Access Consciousness class. The personal information that you as a customer are obliged to present, are the minimum nessacities for offering products and services. 

Quirine Franken always keeps the right to show personal information of others when this is obliged by law. In this process we always try to respect your privacy as much is possible.

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