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When you desire to have more money in your life, changing your money mindset is very important. You need to get past all the conclusions and fear you have about this subject to be able to have an abundant amount of money. Keeping track of all your income and expenditures is a great way for you to start. It allows you to become more aware of the current money energy that is in your life.

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The first great way to start is by no longer avoiding the topic of money. Deal with everything that comes your way, even when this seems like an impossible task for you to do. Therefore keeping track of your expenditures is a great exercise for you to start with. It is easy going and there plenty of ways for you to start with. The only thing it is asking of you is a commitment of five minutes a day. If you really want to change your money mindset, don’t forget to read this blog as well: How to change your money mindset.   The Becoming money workbook is also a great read for gaining a different few on money.

How to start keeping track of your money?

When you want to take yourself up to this challenge, it is a great thing to know what tool would work for you. Do you spend a lot of your time on a computer? Or do you prefer a handwritten statement of the day? Both ways are fine as long as it works for you.

Personally I prefer the way op writing it down on paper. The computer just doesn’t give me the same sense of overview. You might have another point of view about this though. An app on your phone might also something to consider.

Why I love to use pen and paper for this, is because I can lay it somewhere inside to remind me of my commitment. The downside is that it can easily be messy, so be aware of all the subjects you need to cover when doing this. Think about cask, debit cards, credit card etc. Maybe you even own a business. You might want to consider keeping track of the money flow here as well. So be sure to be aware of this before your start.

Then you take five minutes a day to write down everything you spend money on. Even if it was only five cents. Just write it down. You do the same for the money coming in. Do this for every day for at least one month. Three if you are really committed to changing your money mindset. Know that this is only one of the steps you can take to changing your money mindset. It is just a very great tool to get you active when it comes to money. Hope this is of a great contribution to you.

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