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My lifestyle change in one year – case study

I guess I have always known that something else would be different. I have spent a decade being chronically fatigued and painful body. After I collapsed one day, my life has never been the same ever since. There were countless of doctors visits. All of them were telling me that I just imagined my pains and they could not be true. Leaving me dealing with a body that was barely able to cope with daily life. As a result, I got into a depression. By looking for alternate methods like reflexology and eating a sugar-free diet, life came with more ease for me. But it almost took me ten years before my lifestyle change got going.

Find out tips on how you can make your own lifestyle change further down this article.

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Lifestyle change

How my true lifestyle change began

Like I said before, I have always believed something else to possible. During the hard times, I have been very blessed to have a reason to get out of bed for, namely my horse. Otherwise, things might have looked very different now. I also was desperate not to stay at home at feeling ill all the time. I asked for life and a way to generate my income. That is why I kept searching for other possibilities. One day, I came across an online call about money. I clicked on it to enter. That is where I got acquainted with Access Consciousness® for the first time. Is inspires people to know what they know.

I am a very intuitive person. Coming across Access Consciousness® was the best thing that could happen to me. This has put my lifestyle change in motion. I had no clue how it worked, but my life started to shift like crazy. There was no map outlined for me to follow. I got inspired to use my knowing and go for it. This does not have to seem right to other people. You as a human being are one of a kind. Therefore only you can know what is right for you.

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Going beyond the law of attraction

One of the reasons why the law of attraction does not work for everyone is because it is based on one simple principle. What you send out is what you receive back. And I send a lot of low vibes because of the way I was feeling. I could ask for something, but I was not willing to receive it. That was simply not who I was at that time. So to be able to receive, I had to make a shift from being stuck to being grateful for all I have. While doing Access programs online and having my Bars® run, I started to clear the mess that had become my life.

The lifestyle change that showed up was one of a kind. By taking action in doing the things I love, my body grew stronger and I felt happiness like never before. I designed a morning routine that works for me. You can read all about that here. Every day I study books that are a contribution to me. Look at my top ten here.

Doing yoga every morning and going for longer walks each time has made my body so much happier. From being exhausted after a 30-minute walk, I can now go for 15 kilometres with a backpack. I created new hobbies like having a veggie patch and going zero waste. Does this mean the change came all easy to me? Not at all. The actions I had to take did not always feel that comfortable. But looking back they brought me to where I needed to be. To help others feel healthier I have an online course where you learn to create and stick to your morning routine.

Taking action is also one of the most vital things people forget when asking for things to appear in their lives. Nothing comes to you falling from the sky, but the Universe can contribute to you if you let it. The Being you, Changing the world book is an amazing starting point.

What lifestyle change can you make today?

Rising your vibration

What you send out is what you can receive. Therefore being stuck in a scarcity mindset, is not going to take you anywhere. Instead, choose to live in a higher vibration. Be abundant. Celebrate your life every single day. Beautiful things are happening all around you if you are willing to look. Being in gratitude to you, your life and the world is one of the best places to start. Why don’t you start by writing down 500 things you are grateful for? And if you did that, do 1000. You’d be surprised how many things you have to be grateful for. Every time you get stuck in life, read this list. It will bring you back to a sense of gratitude.

lifestyle change
morning routine

Surround yourself with inspiring people

Look at the people that are closest to you in your life right now. Do you find them inspiring? Do they bring out the best in you? If the answer is no, it is time to take a closer look at this. Did you know that you are the average of those people? If they are no inspiration for you to be better, then you have none at all. No wonder that people get stuck in debt and disease when that is all you see around you. You do not even have to find them in real life. There are great opportunities to find inspiration online. When I open my Youtube, Instagram or Facebook, there are so many wonderful people in my feed that are a contribution. I created it that way. It can even boost me up when I feel down. And that is exactly the point. Also, stop watching the news if it makes you feel heavier. What contribution can this be to your life?

Study something every day

Another good activity is studying a book that matches your lifestyle change. Or listen to inspiring audio or podcast. You would highly recommend you to read a couple of my favourite books. Even 15 minutes a day can be a great contribution already. When I feel down I listen to audio’s practically the entire day. I have an entire collection of audio’s on my phone and laptop for me to access when I need them most. Also, if Access Consciousness® appeals to you get yourself to an Access bars class. They are being held all over the world. I can only tell you it is going to change your world. You can find online classes and book in the online shop.

lifestyle change

Move your body for a lifestyle change

No one has ever achieved something from being stuck on the couch all day. Get your body moving in whatever way feels great to you. I have had times in which walking around the garden for 10 minutes was a lot, but I still did it. Now I do yoga every single morning when I wake up. Do I hate it sometimes? Yes. Do I think about skipping it sometimes? Yes. But I also know what it creates for me if I choose to do it. See what movement suits your body. If you like walking, go for a walk. Do you like to go for a run, do that. If you like cycling, do that. As long as it works for you and you get inspired.

Do not stop after only one try. It took me about six months before I started to like doing yoga. That is how tight my body felt. But I am so grateful that I choose to do it over and over again. And you can apply this to any part of your life. Would you like to build a business? Start doing something. Especially if you haven’t figured it out yet. By choosing an action, things can start moving. Your path will become clear as you go along.

It is a lifestyle change to ask questions

How many times a day do you jump to a conclusion? I bet you do it often. It is all we’ve been taught as a human. You can start to be aware when you use a conclusion during your day. What can it create for you if you asked a question instead? One of my favourite questions is: “How does it get better?” It is so simple but so powerful at the same time. You can use the question when good things appear in your life and when bad things happen. For example, you receive some money you did not expect. Do you go “This can not get any better” or do you ask “How does it get any better than this?” Feel the weight of those answers. Which one makes you feel happier? A conclusion makes you feel stuck. Questions open up space to greater possibilities.

Do you have a lifestyle change you would like to make? And what contribution would you need from that? Maybe you would like to take a look at the Design your morning routine online program. Let me know in the comments if there is anything I can help you with. For any further reading, I can recommend you to this morning routine post: 10 highly productive morning routines.

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lifestyle change