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Personal development books for women top 10

Don’t you just love reading books? I know I do because they can take you on such journeys that you had never thought was possible before. And if possible I like to listen to the audio version of the books. Especially when it comes to my life-changing section. Some of them I can listen to time and time again and each and every time I hear something new. That is why I wanted to share this list of the best personal development books for women.

Yes, there are affiliate links in this blog post. When you decide to buy one of these books I receive a small contribution to it. This has no influence on the price you would normally pay. The only things I recommend are books I have read myself and therefore know what a great value they can be for you.

My list of personal development books

Being you, Changing the world by Dr Dain Heer

This is my absolute favourite book. And if you are someone like me who always felt like the odd one out, this book can be of great contribution to you. The author tells you about his different perspective of life and living. He takes you on a journey to different possibilities that you never thought of before. This book also compiles to almost any subject you can think of. It blows you off your socks the first time you hear it. Also, a great book to empower yourself daily. Just open up to a page that feels like the right one and you can start reading. See what information if hold for you on that particular day. Get Being you, changing the world here. Or buy it on Amazone.

personal development books being you changing the world

The Universe has your back by Gabriella Bernstein

Here is where my journey started in learning to create with the Universe. Since publishing this one, she had a lot more books coming out, but this one stuck to me. It helps you get out of your hardest times because it teaches you how to feel save. Nothing happens to you by accident and you are never alone and unsafe in this world. You learn to deal with how your thoughts create your own reality. And if this is the case, you can change your reality by changing your thought. If you let it, this book can bring you into a new stage of your life, because the Universe has your back. Buy the book here. Also available as audio of on Kindle.

Money isn’t the problem, you are by Gary M. Douglas

Who hasn’t got a money issue? You always seem to want more of it, but that never is the case. You are bound by your own limitation, at least that is what you think. This book gives you a totally different perspective on money and I would recommend it to you to read it. Even when you think you do not have a money problem. It can never harm you to empower yourself with a stronger money mindset. Money has everything to do with receiving and when you are willing to receive in your life, things start to work out for you. Get Money isn’t the problem here or on Amazone.

Money self empowerment

Right body for you by Gary M. Douglas

If you are a woman reading this, you are probably familiar with judging your own body. Either you are too thick or too skinny. Your hair never works out the way you want it to be and you believe you are less than everyone else. Oh the joys of womanhood, am I right? Right body for you helps you to deal with al your judgement and limitation you have placed on your body. It takes a closer look with what works for you, not for someone else. Even the food you eat gets judged. This book opened up so many levels of new information for me that it defiantly had to be on this list for you to read it. Get Right body for you here or buy it on Amazone.

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

It is probably one of the most well-known personal development books there is out there. Escpailly if you are someone trying to create a future with more wealth in it. This book that has been published 1937 but still contains an entire blueprint for you to follow to make your dreams come true. It gets you into a new way of thinking and showing you that there are possibilities for you all around. This book is not necessarily about making more money, although it was written for it in that way. It is about the limitations your mind creates. To achieve something you have to believe you can do it. Buy Think and grow rich now.

Think and grow rich

Relationship, are you sure you want one by Simone Milasas and Brendon Watt

If you are looking for a new perspective on your relationships, this is the book for you to get. Here you get both the male and female perspective of the relationship and why you should choose to be with someone. It is different from your usually DIY relationship book because in this book you are the centre point. Choosing you is the most important decision you can make in your life, not moulding it into something you think it should look like. When you are ready for an eye-opening item about relationships to add to your personal development books, you can buy the book here or on Amazone.

Personal development books relationship

Embodiment: the manual you should have been given when you were born by Dr Dain Heer

Do you experience ease and joy with your body? I know I have not for a long time. The book embodiment is something totally different from what you have read before. It gets you to look at how you can feel good in your body. You can learn how to feel more certain of yourself and get more ease in moving. The author is a phenomenal chiropractor and bodyworker. This book he shares with you his information on what it would take to feel happy with your body and being able to do the things you desire. Get the Embodiment book here or on Amazone and kindle.

Embodiment dr dain heer

Prosperity consciousness by Chutisa Bowman and Steven Bowman

What you send out to the Universe is what you create. If you are stuck in a poverty mindset, poverty is what you will get. This mindblowing book can show you there is an entirely new dimension in receiving and creating. It does not only apply for money, but it also helps you to expand in other ways in your life. The writers are a married couple that has devoted their lives to searching for greater possibilities. Together they are always searching for more ways to expand and grow in their lives. This is one of their books they wrote to share their wisdom with you. Buy Prosperity consciousness here or on Amazone.

7 Habits of successful people by Stephen R. Covey

Another old classic that is still one of the most famous books for people who would like to archive more in life. If your current life is not working out the way you would like it to be, then you have to start by choosing differently. This book can give you seven habits that successful people do and use in their life. It was another eye-opener for me to see what else I could change in my life to become more of everything. One to add to your books of personal development. Buy the 7 habits of successful people here.

Personal develpment books

Getting out of debt joyfully by Simone Milasas

Yes, another one about creating an abundance mindset. And probably one that is the most special in its subject. How to get out of debt joyfully might sound a bit strange at first, but the author shows us that it actually belongs to the possibilities. Getting out of debt by doing the things you love to do. You dive deeper into those money blocks and learn to create a new way when dealing with money. So many helpful tools that inspire you to think and create differently and leave your debt behind in no time. Buy Getting out of debt joyfully here or on Amazone.

I hoped you liked the above list of my favourite personal development books. Let me know which one you think about buying in the comments if you like.

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