Morning routine

10 Highly productive morning routines when working from home

Mornings are definitely the most important times of the day. It seems like you can just get so much more done before 8 in the morning then the rest of your day. So if you are not getting up early while trying to be successful, this is the right time to start changing your life with these 10 morning-routine tips.

Do not hit the snooze button

Have you ever had that feeling of being awake before the alarm went off, but you did not get up yet and instead you went back to sleep? Only 15 minutes later your alarm goes off and you feel completely knackered? That is why you should never hit snooze or go back to sleep once you are awake. It throughs of your natural sleeping rhythm. In the end, you end up feeling more lousy that you would have to get up early. It completely messes up your day.

Hydrate your body

Some of the first things I do while getting out of bed is drinking a glass of water. Your body is made out of the stuff for a large part and during the night you haven’t had anything to drink for a couple of hours. So the best way to start is by getting your system going with some fresh water, preferably filtered to make the most out of it.

morning routine

Move your body

The changes I have felt since I starting my days doing yoga are simply incredible. From the comforts of my own home, I watch a yoga instruction video. Mostly I spend about 30 minutes a day on it. The one day it is just simple stretching and the other day it is a complete workout. It depends on what I am doing the rest of my day as I also enjoy going for longs walks with my dog. Here you can get online yoga classes. My body is just so much more flexible because of me starting the day this way. It provides me with more positive and powerful energy to do whatever I would like today during the day. I do recommend doing different types of exercising during your day. Like mine is stretching and other types of yoga, going on walks and exercising my horses. Your body likes moving in different types of ways. It is not only beneficial for your health, but also for your creativity and therefore your business.

Listening to an inspiring audio

Some people do some reading in the morning, but I like to listen to an audio. This can be an inspiring podcast, audiobooks and audio of types of coaching sessions. A truly magnificent audiobook for you to listen to is definitely You changing the world by Dr Dain Heer. This book has changed my life and I listen to it time and time again. The author also has a great youtube channel called the Tour of consciousness that is of great contribution to your life. But if reading is your favourite way, do that instead. As long as it is something that contributes to your life and makes you want to be the best version of you.

Yes, there is an affiliate link in this post. When you decide to buy it, I receive a small amount of the purchase. This does not affect the price you are paying for the item. All the products I receive affiliates on are also used by myself.

Asking my daily questions

Where a lot of people do affirmations in the morning, I start asking questions. One of my favourite questions to start the day with is: “How can today workout better than I had ever imagined?” I do not need an answer to this question. I let myself be inspired and guided by the Universe as I go along my day. That doesn’t mean I am not taking action. I am more active during the day than I have ever been before I started using these wonderful tools.  And I get a lot more done as well. The tools I use belong to something called Access Consciousness. And if you are a creative and maybe a highly sensitive person, like I am, please check it out.  Why I ask questions instead of doing affirmations? Affirmations are often a conclusion. They are full of the expectation of what you think your life should look like. Questions open up more spaces and opportunities that I have not been willing to see before so my life can even turn out greater than I had ever thought possible.

Have a healthy breakfast

Only after I have done my yoga, it is time to have breakfast. Did you know that waiting to eat for at least an hour after you get up, is helping your digestive system? Your food goes down a lot easier after you have done some exercising. The best breakfast to have? Something healthy and natural. No added sugars and things that are made in factories. Organic fruit, nuts and oats are some of my favourites. If you would like to know more about food, Gaia offers some great resources.

Schedule my day

I am not a great scheduler. I only have some things in mind I would prefer to do that day. Sometimes I write them down and something they are just a list in my head. Mostly when I have some appointments, that day becomes a bit more scheduled. And if you are working from home, like I do, you probably have your personal life and work flowing through one another. And that is oké too. I tried fighting it for a long time, but now I actually found a way that works for me. As long as you know where your priorities lie.

Making the bed

Everything looks much tidier after you made your own bed. Your bedroom looks calmer and gives you an extra energy boost to start your day fresh. Clutter only makes you uncomfortable and busy in your head. So leave a tidy bedroom to have a great start.

Self-care routine

Washing my face, brushing my teeth and applying my DIY cream is all part of my self-care routine. Whatever is part of your daily routine, do it before you start your working day. Do sit around in your pyjama’s looking like a scarecrow, but show up for you and your business. Wear whatever it is that makes you feel the important person you really are. It gives you such a better vibe to make the most out of your day.

Doing a daily thing to get it out of your way

As my morning routine contains more than all the above as I own dogs and horse, I spend a lot more time outside before my working day even begins. Therefore I like to do some little daily thing like checking my e-mail or schedule some social media to just get it done for that day. Otherwise, it just hangs over my head like a massive to-do list. Since I started doing this, I go through the day with much more ease and joy.

If you would like to track your morning routine then you might like my checklist. When you would like to keep reading you might like to know more about my favourite personal development books.