Equistrian coaching




The way you look at things in your life is very important. It creates your own reality. Being an equestrian means you are surrounded by other horsepeople. They often carry a lot of judgement about you, your horse and the way you work with your horse. These judgements can make us feel like we are not good enough or we are doing something wrong. And if you are not feeling alright you project this on your horse.

But what if you could function from a point of view that is actually yours? What could that create for you and your horse?

In an online coaching call, I help you create a better relationship between you and your horse. So you can improve your horsemanship in whatever area you choose.

For this coaching call, I only need to interact with you as rider. Therefore you can easily do this call from behind your own laptop at home.

During the call, I use the techniques of Access Consciousness® and the clearing statement. You don’t need to be familiar with these, only be willing to receive.

The call takes about 30 minutes.


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