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Are you ready to choose something different and actually being open to all the possibilities that are out there for you and your horse? Are you willing to work on you as well as your relationship with your horse? What has your horse been telling you that you have not been willing to acknowledge?

To become a better team player with your horse, you don’t always have to be around your horse. That is why these coaching calls are so different for any other than you have ever seen before. It is about what your horse is telling you about you.

During online calls, that are taking place on Zoom, you receive one on one attention. It is a verbal process where the tools of Access Consciousness® are being used. It is like working through all the things that hold you stuck in your reality. By deleting them you are able to create a life and team with your horse that goes beyond your imagination.

After you have chosen the coaching that suits you, you’ll be e-mailed back (within at the most 72 hours) with all the details and making an appointment.

The Gold program is the most fun program you can choose from at this moment. It contains a 30-minute coaching call every week for three months. There is also more information about the Access Consciousness® tools and how to use Zoom.

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