Soap saver knitting pattern

Soap saver: Why should you use one + Free pattern

Did you ever hear of it? I defiantly had not for a long time, but now they have found a steady base in my bathroom. A Soap saver is a little bag where you can put you solid soap blocks in. Using solid soap belongs to my zero-waste routine. If you would like to know more about reducing waste, read this blog: How to start zero-waste living?

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Why should you use a soap saver?

I use solid blocks of soap wherever I need to around the house. But when you just lay them down after using them, they always seem to be in a little puddle of water. Which means you are wasting some of your precious soap for no good reason at all. That is where this little bag comes in. When you buy a new piece of soap you put it in your saver bag. The bag also functions as a sort of sponge so your skin receives a better cleans already.

After using it, you simply hang it on a little hook on your wall. Your soap can dry again without wasting a lot. And when you have almost reached the end of your soap bar and it breaks into pieces, you can still keep using them the saver net.

Maybe you are more interested in buying one that doing some DIY. If that is the case, these could be a contribution to your body and soap bars.

How do you make these soap savers?

This pattern is made for knitters. What do you require to make them?

Size: wide 12 cm (4.72 inch) height 13 cm (5.12)

Tension: 17 stitches wide X 30 stitches hight = 10 x 10 cm (3.94 X 3.94 inch)

Start by casting on 41 stitches in your needle. Knit the first row of stitches. Then repeat the same pattern and the second row:
Knit 2 stitches together, yarn over needle, knit 2 stitches together, yarn over needle
3rd row: Knit stitches as normal
Keep repeating until you have reached the desired height.

soap saver knitting

When you reached your desired height, cast off the stitches. Then sow the sides together to make it into a little bag.

For the string:
I made the string my using my crochet needle. If you do not own a crochet needle, you can do as following:

Cut 3 wires of 2 metres (7.87 inches) long each in your desired colour. Make a small knot at each end. Twirl them together until you feel resistance. Fold them in two so they can twirl together. Make knots at either end.

soap saver knitting pattern

Put your string through the upper holes of your bag. All you need in a new piece of soap and you are good to go.

Share your picture of your own soap savers in the comments if you like.

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Soap saver knittin pattern

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