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The best zero-waste starter kits

When you decide to reduce waste, there are some items that you would probably need to turn this into reality. Therefore I selected a couple of great zero-waste starter kits to help you get going on your zero waste journey.  This way you are off to a great start and save up on some costs at the same time. If you would like to have more information about how to start zero waste, this blog is for you.

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Reusable produce bag kit

Taking your fruits and veggies in a reusable bag instead of a plastic one is probably one of the easiest ways to start zero waste. That is why I would highly recommend you to get this reusable produce bag kit to be off to a great start. It contains eight different types of washable cotton bags you can take to your store. You can use them to collect your fresh veggies and even store them in your fridge. With this, you can save tons of unrecyclable wrappings. Your bin will be a lot emptier already.

Zero waste your personal care

There are plenty of items that you can replace when it comes to your personal health. Like using a plastic toothbrush defiantly belongs to the past. Cotton buts and dental floss can all be made of biodegradable materials. That is why this personal health starter kit can help you step into the right direction. It even comes with a shampoo and conditioner bar for you to try out. The cotton bag for the shampoo bars is perfect to store them and avoid them from being wet all the time.

Getting to know zero waste starter kits

Great for gift giving to yourself or to someone else is probably a gift set that contains a little bit of everything. This Superbee Eco kit is exactly that. The five produce bags help you to come back from the store with fewer plastics. Also, the beeswax rappers help you preserve food longer. Through in a bamboo dental brush and even dental tabs for a healthier smile on your face. Bamboo straw is what makes this the perfect starting kit in every area so you can get familiar with the life of zero-wasting.

Looking for a bit more inspiration? In this blog, I tell you all about how to zero-waste your bathroom.

Go Stainless steel

Whether you are using them as lunch boxes when you are on the road for an entire day or you would just like to store some food in them. Stainless steel lunchboxes are another must-have item in a low waste household. With this package, you buy four in one go. They even have anti-leak silicone lids on them. I use them at my house all the time. Especially when I decide to go on an outdoor adventure for the day or need to go somewhere for appointments. The stainless steel is great for bringing salads and things like yoghurt for they do not get too hot.

Are you often travelling somewhere? You might be interested to read about reducing waste while travelling.

Buy in bulk

Stop buying your food in these little boxes from the supermarket. Buying in bulk saves you money and a lot of extra wrappings. So start looking for a store where you can buy your dry foods from a tap. These 14 bulk bags in different sizes are the perfect storage items and your best friends when you go shopping. Therefore they make perfect zero-waste starter kits. They are not heavy so do not count for much when you are weighing your edibles at the counter. And when you get home you simply use the reusable labels to know what is in them.

Eco-friendly starter box

Getting to know zero waste for the first time? This is another good zero-waste starter kits, to begin with. It contains some of the basic beginnings of going zero waste. Start in your bathroom by replacing your cotton buds and have a bamboo toothbrush. The kitchen is also off to a great start with bamboo cutlery, a bamboo straw and natural luffa dish sponges. This way you can reduce your waste at multiple places at once. It will get you in the zero-waste lifestyle immediately.

The reusable Eco box

No better way to start reducing your waste than buying items you can use time and time again. This box has an entire collection of them. Simply put them in the dishwasher (or wash them by hand to reduce water) to get them ready for another time to use. The travel cup can go with you on every journey you would like. Simply ask in every coffee place you go to if they would like to pour you coffee in your own mug. For keeping your food fresh there are multiple beeswax wraps in this kit of different sizes. Also, the cotton shopping bag is not allowed to be missed here. All made of environmentally responsible materials.

Washing your dishes becomes more eco

Did you know that every time you wash dishes by hand using your plastic brush, you create more microplastics in the water? These are very hard to be filtered out. This set of brushes takes care of that for you. Completely bio-degradable with coconut fibres. Multipurpose brushes for all types of cleaning all around the house.

Keep your food fresh

Off to a great start with a fresh pack of beeswax wraps? Then this pack is the right one for you. It contains 9 wraps made out of different sizes. They are easy to clean, organic and biodegradable. Beeswax wraps are great to store some of your food in. Use them to cover a bowl that contains a salad to keep it fresh as long as possible. Or wrap your to-go sandwich in one of them so you can have a healthy lunch a couple of hours later. Never in need of any plastic foils any more.

All of the zero-waste starter kits above a great to start your low waste journey. Or maybe gift them to people you know are also interested in reducing waste. Want more tips about how to start a zero-waste life, read this blog.

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Zero-waste starter kits

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