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The power of asking a question

asking questions
Posted by Quirine Franken

How many times did you jump to a conclusion? How many times did you decide that you hate to go to work or that you never receive enough money? Probably plenty of times, just like we all have.

Did you also know that holding this conclusion solid in its place, denies you to receive more from whatever the Universe is willing to give you? Including the things that you thought you were asking for. As long as your questions are based on a solid belief, even one that is buried somewhere very far away, you are not allowing yourself to fully receive all the possibilities that are actually out there.

That is why I love working with Acces Consciousness® tools. Yes, all the body processes are defiantly a contribution, but asking a question to open up to more possibilities is something everyone can learn. Asking a question is what the Acces tools really are. They are designed to open up your life and possibilities in receiving.

For example: Say three times: “I don’t need money”. Then say three times: “What would it take to receive more money?”

Did you feel a difference in energy here? What can it create in your life if you would apply the power of asking a question?  

Here are some great ones to get you started. You can ask them whenever you feel like it. I use the first two all the time during my day, also when I think things cannot be better.

  • How does it get better than this?
  • What is else is possible?
  • What can I create today?
  • What is possible that I haven’t seen yet?
  • What can I change in my life that would create a totally different reality?

Which question is your favourite? Have you already acknowledge what these questions can change in your life?

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