Quirine Franken virtual assistant

Are you looking for some support to help you improve your business? Look no further for I can help you out.

As a virtual assistant, I am there to help you out with the technical side of your business. Maybe you just need help for some smaller projects like building a website or designing your graphics. Or are you looking for a longer-term person to help you out on a more regular basis? Both of these are an option. As I am an entrepreneur myself, I know what you are dealing with. Sometimes a little support for the outside is just what your business requires to help your business grow.

Graphic design

Boost your business with some graphics? Social media is moving fast and without outstanding pictures, there is a chance you might not get seen. By creating more outstanding graphics for your events and pages, people will feel more drawn to you and your business. It also takes some time and knowledge to design them. What does your business require here?

I can help you design:

Event graphics for social media / website
Graphics / photo’s for your website

WordPress website & webshop

You would like a website that looks good, is easy for you to use and access. I can easily help you design a website for you and learn you how to edit it yourself. This way you do not always have to contact someone when you would like to change one tiny thing. And you would like a shop added to your website? I set the automation up for you. All you have to do is bring in the customers. Little changes and new products can also be added by you.

I can help you with:

Building a WordPress website
Building a WordPress webshop
Teaching you how to use it yourself in the future

Social media

Social media can be fun and can get you a lot of potential new cliënts, but it also takes up a lot of your time. If this always seems like too much for you, it might be wise to consider doing things differently.

I can help you with:

Adding your Facebook events
Posting on Facebook / Instagram
Making grouppages

Automatic mailing intergrations

Have you created a free give away or would you like people to subscribe to your website? Or maybe you’ve designed a course which is asking for automation. An automatic mailing system helps you out here. It needs to be properly set up and integrated for the ultimate use. I work with Active Campaign and Mailerlite.

I can help you with:

Adding Active campaing to your webshop
Intergrating Active Campaign / Mailerlite to your website
Setting up an automation

Are you ready to boost your business? Contact me at info@quirinefranken.com to see what is possible for your business.