Horse rider coaching

Why our horses are the best teachers we will ever have

I simply love horses. It has always been that way and it probably always will be. Of course, you would say. Why else would you start a business that is focussed on horses? Looking back over the years each and every one of my horses has taught me something. Some have been with me for a very short period of time and others a lifetime. That is simply the way life goes. It works the same with humans.

Think back to a horse that has made such an impression on you that you will never forget him or her, even though you have only seen him once (maybe a little more often). There must have a reason why this horse made such an impression on you. Ask yourself what it was that lingered and made him this special to you in that time. Now do the same with a horse that has been with you for a longer period of time, it doesn’t even have to be your own. Fact remains that both of them were (or still are) in your life for a specific reason. Maybe even multiple reasons. The lessons they give don’t always come with ease. Sometimes we need to fall just to learn how to rise again. And who better to help you with this than a horse?

Horses are known for their healing gifts. More often we see horses being used as coaches or mates to special aid kids. I have always felt myself blessed that I was one of the lucky ones that have been able to see the effect horses have on these kids up close. They are amazing and so natural. The thing is with these kids, they don’t question a horse. They simply embrace the energy of what is. And we, as “normal” thinking people, tent to overthink things. It closes off our capacity to feel, listen and receive. This is all a horse does when he is simply standing in the field or working with us. He receives our signals and does what is needed.

Would we not be better of when we took some of these lessons of feeling, listening and receiving sometimes? Not only while working with our horses, but also in our daily lives. Let just be honest, our world would look very different if we were capable to do this. Fear is one of the things that hold us back in being our own pure self. A horse knows no fear for his own emotions. He simply responds to the moment and acts on it. But he doesn’t worry about the next upcoming hour, the next day, or the next year. What is the lesson in this that you can use in your own relationship with your horse and in your life? And who better to teach us this than our own horse.

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