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Zero-waste bathroom project to start now

When you think about the average bathroom, you probably think about tons of waste. Am I right? Shampoo bottles lying around and the bin is filled with make-up remover pads. What if I told you there is another way? Creating a zero-waste bathroom is so much easier than you might think. And when you have finished, you have created something to be proud of.

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Why is it so important to create a zero-waste bathroom?

Creating a bathroom without waste all sound nice and easy. But why should you consider getting rid of all the throw-away bottles? Have you ever heard of microplastics? They are little pieces of plastics that were once part of your bigger plastic items. Even daily products like your shampoo and toothpaste contain plastics. When you use them they loose such tiny pieces of plastic that we are not able to see. These microplastics end up in your body and our water supply. And because they are so tiny, the water filtering companies are unable to filter them out. Which makes our drinking water fuller with plastics every time.

You probably are familiar with the plastics problem in the oceans. The contamination grows worse and worse. We do not want our oceans to be made out of plastics. That is why today is the right time to start your zero waste lifestyle. And if you do use something made out of plastic, at least make sure you recycle it the right way. In that way, nature is harmed the least. Are you ready to create a zero-waste bathroom?

zero-waste bathroom

Your shower in an eco-friendly style

Avoiding single-use plastic is one of the best ways to start a zero-waste lifestyle. And when you start to notice them, you can find them literally anywhere. Of course, you can also avoid plastics that last a little longer like using this Organic cotton shower curtain. They provide your bathroom with a much more natural vibe from the moment you hang them up. Maybe they are even a lot less sticky than their plastics family members.

In this same area, you can find Bamboo soap holders. Perfect to keep your soap bars at so they are not lying around in any water. These soap bars are a nice packet for you to try out. It contains several pieces of body and facial soap. Especially a nice idea when you are first starting out using nonliquid soap.

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Your new zero-waste washing routine

While we are talking about the washing process, a natural loofah might come in handy. The plastic ones are definite sources of microplastics so don’t keep them lying around. A natural loofah can be composted after you have finished using it because they are a natural product. How does it get any easier than that?

When it comes to washing your hair there are plenty of shampoo and conditioner bars available. Try some that might fit your hair routine as I know as a curly girl that can be somewhat of a struggle. The bright sight on these bars is that they are also a lot cheaper than using shampoo in a bottle. Maybe it doesn’t seem that way at first, but they last up to 2,5 times longer than your average plastic bottle.

Maybe you are a fan of having a bath every once in a while. Then these zero waste bath milk melts can be an outcome for you. You can just put them in the water and they will melt so you can enjoy a delicious relaxing bath.

With a zero-waste bathroom belongs a low waste toilet

Your toilet brush is maybe not something you throw away after every use but seeing there are far better alternatives available I thought to mention them in here. This is a wooden toilet brush with coconut fibres. So now more tiny plastics in your toilet water after cleaning. In the same area, we also have a bamboo toilet roll holder available. If you are just in the market for one of these, choosing this material is a great option. Just like a matching toilet seat.

Have you thought about your toilet paper?

The big polluter when using the toilet is, of course, the toilet paper. All the trees that need to be used to make your paper toilet rolls are much lovelier while still standing in their natural habitat. You can choose to use washable toilet paper. These are meant as baby wipes but in reality, they are just the same. The field of reusable toilet paper is still upcoming and not so well known all around yet.

If this is taking a step too far in the level of reducing waste in your house, then you might consider this bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo grows much faster than trees and therefore it is considered to be much more ecofriendly to use. These are another option for you as well. Not zero-waste but they are made of bamboo. Some times making the better choice of the worse option belongs to the path of reducing waste. Know you can not be perfect in every area.

All the refresher that we can not seem to do without at our toilets is mostly not zero waste. They are probably one of the hardest things to find when it comes to it. But these toilet bombs can help you out in this area. They are refreshing and even handmade. Just throw one in your toilet every day to keep it clean.

zero-waste bathroom

A sink in a zero-waste bathroom

At the sink is probably the place where you keep all of your personal hygiëne stuff. Things that everybody needs and can so easily be replaced are toothbrushes. You can buy a family pack of bamboo toothbrushes to keep you going for a couple of months. Other things you might need to zero waste your teeth cleaning routine are a refillable glass jar of dental tabs or fluid zero wast toothpaste and compostable dental floss. The ingrediënts are also more natural. I have noticed a big difference in using these kinds of toothpaste.

There are of course more products to use for your daily personal care. A big change for women can be reusable make-up pads. That can save a lot of space in your bin every day. Washing them is not a hard thing to do. If you wear a lot of make-up you can first soak them in a little water. Afterwards, you just throw them in the washing machine with your towels in their own washing bag.

More of your daily self-care routine

Then there is your hair. The next time you need to invest in a new brush and comb, take a look at this bamboo hair set. It includes a brush and a comb with a little bag you can safely put them in when you are travelling. If you are looking for men and women set, this option also contains a beard brush. When it comes to tying your hair back there actually are some great compostable option. You won’t need any more plastic ties when these compostable hair ties are available.

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If you are still on a deodorant spray can, get rid of it as soon as you can. They contain so many toxins that it just is not healthy for you to spray them on your skin every single day. Luckily we have some great zero-waste options available here. You can choose to use a deodorant bar like this one. But this deodorant stick comes in a compostable wrapping. You can push is up and use it as a normal roller.

Are you ready to get rid of your bin?

After reading all of the above you might seem a little overwhelmed at first. The way I started my zero waste journey was a promise to myself that I would finish my old product, but when I needed to replace something it would be a zero-waste item. Today I do not even need bins in the house any more and it makes me so happy to see how much I have accomplished by just taking it step by step.

The products are also more natural. It made me feel healthier and happier by using them. Not only a win for the planet but also one for me. More information about how to start zero waste you can find here. Or would you like to know more about how you can keep reducing waste even when you are travelling? Read my blog about a travel packing list.

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